2019 Youth Ministry Summer Internship Job Description/Requirements

This program is an intensive, full-time internship from Monday, May 20 to Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019.

If there is an unavoidable conflict with this schedule, arrangements must be made and agreed upon before the internship begins.


Lead the youth of First Presbyterian Church in Christ-centered activities and Christian discipleship while growing personally in Christ and developing skills for ministry.


  • Personal spiritual growth

  • Develop ministry skills

  • Cultivate healthy relationships

  • Lead through Christ-centered activities



  1. Devote time each week to developing one-on-one friendship with students (several per week). Being with kids is your most important job this summer!

  2. Attend Sunday worship service(s) and assist with worship service, e.g., prayer, testimony, music

  3. Teach Sunday morning classes

  4. Lead small groups

  5. Help organize and lead weekly youth group

  6. Plan special outreach events/activities

  7. Lead youth in mission/service projects


  1. Staff or Intern Devotions (daily)

  2. Intern Bible Study 9weekly)

  3. Theological Reflections (weekly)

  4. “BLAM”—Bible, Life and Ministry School (weekly)


  1. Read the Intern Manual

  2. Meet regularly with your supervisor

  3. Complete “Personal Job Review” worksheet

  4. Clear major schedule changes with your supervisor

  5. Complete Event Report sheets for organized events


  1. Maintain regular personal Bible study and prayer time

  2. Meet weekly with your prayer partner

  3. Take a day off each week.

  4. Be a contributing member of your Host Family

  5. Be on time and courteous in all situations

  6. Be active, participate, help move equipment, supplies, and youth as needed.

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