Spring 2016

Gentleman, the mens retreat is this upcoming weekend April 22-24. I'm very excited to spend some time with all of you in the great outdoors. Here are some basic details for the upcoming weekend. Please email or call me with any questions. 


Directions to Campsite: Canyonlands National Park, Needles District. Wooden Shoe Group Campsite.

On US Highway 191, drive 40 miles (60 km) south of Moab or 14 miles (22 km) north of Monticello, then take Utah Highway 211 roughly 35 miles (56 km) west. Highway 211 ends in the Needles, and is the only paved road leading in and out of the district. Follow signs to Wooden Shoe Campsite.


Please call the Ranger Station if you have any questions about the campsite. I have never been there! Ranger contact number: (435) 259-4711


There are only 5 parking spots at the actual campsite. All other vehicles will need to be parked at the visitor center. Please try to car pool if possible. I've attached a list of those going with contact info to help facilitate this. If you are in need of a ride and can't find one using the list, please email me. 


Activities start on Friday April 22nd at 5:30 with dinner. Retreat concludes Sunday, April 24th at noon with lunch.


Potable water and toilets are available at campsite. 

We should have plenty of tent space if you are not able to bring a tent. You can bring a camper if you do not want to sleep in a tent. 

Call (435) 259-4711 to see if your camper is suitable for the campground.

All meals will be provided as will basic snacks. Please feel free to bring any snack or drink items you wish to share with the group. 

Off road vehicles need to be street legal to be used in park. ATVs are not allowed, but can be used outside the park on BLM land. A $30 Utah registration fee is required for ATVs used on BLM land.

Payment: $35: Please make the check out to FPC, put mens retreat in the memo, you can hand it to me at church or at the retreat. If you put it in the collection plate, just let me know so I can mark you paid. 

Good items to bring: water bottle, snacks, tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, head lamp or flashlight, coffee mug, camping chairs, warm clothing for night time, camera, layered clothing for day time, drinks to share. 

Firewood!!! We need firewood, please let me know if you have some to bring and space to bring it. 


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