Electronic Giving , aka, E-give

Safe, secure, private and your donations automatically will be recorded in your giving statement in Church Community Builder.

Three ways to give electronically:

  1. Use your Computer. Start by clicking the creating an account button below. Instructions below if needed. This offers the most options if your giving is going to be divided up. For example $200 General Offering, $50 Deacons, $25 Building Fund.

  2. Use the form on this page to do a quick donation for either the General Offering or Deacon’s Fund

  3. Use the Give+ App for your phone or table…click here to get download and started.

  4. Text-to-give. Start by texting 970-318-7224. Create an account once and done, then type in the amount. This gift defaults to the Uganda Mission Fund.



Click for Instructions … if you have questions getting started call Bob Burk at 209-8328






Use the Give+ App for your phone or table…click here to get download and started.



Text-to-give using the Give+ is now available on your phone or tablet. It’s pretty straightforward, but you will have to connect your credit card to it for a payment to be made.

  1. Type in 1-970-318-7224 into your phone.

  2. If you haven’t already set up the payment source, do that now. This only happens upon the account set-up and is separate from the E-give set-up.

  3. Type in the amount you wish to donate.

Please Note: By Default any funds are going the the Uganda Mission. Alternately you can type in Offering100 (no space) and a donation will go to the General Offering. Deacon’s are the third choice. type in Deacons100 and a $100 donation will be sent to the Deacon’s account.