Our Staff & Leadership


Our staff looks forward to meeting you! Below is a listing of people you can contact with any questions or just get a little more familiar with names and faces in our church home. Our Session is in the process of finding an Interim Pastor. With an Interim in place, the next step will be to seat a Pastor Search Committee (PNC) comprised of members of the church, revise our Church Information Packet and begin the process of filling the position of Pastor and Head of Staff.  While this can take from 12-24 months, these are exciting times of growth for the church. We are already looking forward to who GOD has in mind to join and lead us as we continue building HIS Kingdom, as well as fulfilling our roles as missional believers, sharing the Love of Christ where ever we are. God will provide!

Rev. Mike Motsko, Interim Pastor

Aneta Martinez, Administrator

Worship Teams

Worship Committee Moderator: Natasha McCaslin

Piano accompanist: LeAnn Hogan

Voice: Brenda Swank, Natasha McCaslin, Brooke Martinez, Jean Deneen, Diane Wieder, Laura Perfors, Karen Burk, LeAnn Hogan

Instruments: Merrill Kaufman (bass guitar), Natasha McCaslin (guitar), John Wieder (guitar), Sterling Jensen(guitar), Dan Lamar, (violin)

Percussion: Dave Jensen



Believing firmly in Jesus Christ as the active head of our church, the elders gather monthly in a Session of discernment, seeking to order our life and mission as a church under the will of Christ. This is where the direction of our church is set and important decisions deliberated before the Lord as we search the Scriptures and seek to love the Lord with all we are.

Elders are primarily spiritual leaders of the body in partnership with the pastor. While many practical decisions are made by the session (nine ruling elders and the pastor), their primary work is to discern the spiritual needs of the body and God’s calling for the church. An elder needs to have a spiritual maturity, upstanding character and a desire to serve. Although none of us feel qualified, through the group dynamic of prayer, trust building, accountability and submission to one another, a true spiritual leadership is attained by the group as a whole.

An Elder's terms are typically three years, and an Elder can serve two consecutive three year terms. If a position is vacated, a replacement can be made with Session Approval. Session meets regularly on the fourth Monday of every month and at other times as necessary. Minutes of the meetings are public and may be obtained from the church office. 



Term Ending 2019

Karla Clader (3 yr term– 2nd time)

Bill Jones (3 yr term– 1st time as elder)

Julie Andress (3 yr term– 1st time as elder)


Kandi Ray (Clerk of Session)




Term Ending 2020



Term Ending 2021


The Deacon Board meets regularly to plan and inspire acts of service to the church and community, encouraging us all to bear one another’s burdens with joy and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Deacons offer love, compassion and friendship not only to our congregation but also beyond its doors. As Christ’s servants extending His love to all people, deacons may minister to those in need through prayer, extending sympathy, sharing joys or just being “company.” Here at FPC deacons oversee the Food Closet and financial assistance for the needy. The recipients say, “You’re such a blessing to me/us,” when in reality we are richly blessed by the loving bonds created by being a deacon.

A Deacon typically serves a three year term, and is limited to two consecutive terms. At times a Deacon will be appointed to fill a term vacated, and may have a one or two year term. At times a couple will take on the role of Deacon together, and has been a great opportunity to serve together.

Would you like to be a part of taking care of our church family? The Deacons would like to know who you are and how you would like to help...

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Term Ending 2019

Ruth Johnson (3 yr term-1st time)

Angeline Armistad (3 yr term – 1st time)

Larry Simmons (3 yr term-1st time)

Term Ending 2020


Term Ending 2021


The Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee (NC) meets as needed to gather names of members who are eligible to serve as Elder, Deacon or on the NC. NC members need to understand the duties of the various offices and be familiar with the members of the congregation. Then with careful consideration and prayer the NC chooses persons to present before Session as nominees for specific offices.