A Crazy Guy?

What have we been talking about in youth group the past month or so? We have been talking about a crazy guy, who talks a lot about judgement, in a book way before our time that has no relevance for our lives today. Amos is that guy. Well, at first glance, Amos may look like a crazy person, and it may look like it has no relevance for our lives today, but the matter of fact is that Amos’ message is really relevant and Amos was a faithful servant. That is the Christian today – we are sometimes seen like we are a little out there and our message is false.

We looked at the book in three main sections. First, after the introduction of the book we looked at Amos 1 -2. Here we saw some pretty cool things. We saw that the glories of Christ are made greater when we see the judgement that he took for us. This judgement we deserve. Then looking at the text closer we saw 5 principles of human conduct. If we love God we will have love for our neighbor. These principles looked closely at what love for our neighbor looks like. The principles are: We should treat people as people not things, we should value people more then things, we should keep our word, we should check the condition of our heart because sin is more than external activities (Matt. 5), and we should beware of using people to succeed in our ambition. Remember, the love we have for God, and the realization that we are loved by God, creates in us a love for others. We do these things because we see the beauty of God and what he did for us.

We also looked at Amos 2-3 as a section. We did a few things here. We outlined what these chapters are talking about. As God’s word we look at His message in its original context.  We try to teach with biblical accuracy while at the same time teach about how that message is relevant for us. Amos was passionate for God’s truth; it was a treasure for him. He had to share it, no matter how hard it was to tell others. He believed God’s truth and as a result he tried to live in a way pleasing to God. He trusted in God and it changed him. He told the truth in love and served others for God’s glory. He feared God, and was a witness to God’s greatness. We asked the questions: what does fearing God mean, how should that change the way we live daily life, and do we see the beauty of God’s word?

Finally we examined Amos 4-9. We looked at the original context and here was our summary of these chapters: When we know God, seeking Him, in all of life, we will find him, and when we do, we truly live and worship. We see that God is faithful, is our Father, and offers us hope. We asked questions like: what does it mean to know God, how that should change us, what does it mean to be known by God, what is worship, and how can we worship in all of life. We frequently ask the question: why should we do these things, and how should these truths affect us today.

Starting the 11th we will go through the book of Philippians for 12 weeks. We are excited and it our prayer that we see the beauty of God. 

bob burk