Happy are they who mourn?

Happy are those who Mourn? 


Happy are those who are poor in spirit! What?!? But cheek out this one: happy are those who mourn! A little strange, huh? But those are the words of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount.  Before, Jesus talked about what we are supposed to do, he described who we are. What we do, shows us who we are. So, it is important to understand who we are. First, we are Christians based upon what Jesus did for us. We were separated from God because of sin, but Jesus came and made us right with God by taking our sin upon himself.  This happens by our putting our complete trust in Him, making Him our King, and relying upon Him for life and life eternal. This happens when we run to Jesus with everything, and live in relationship with Him. Living for Him.

But, now, we are described as poor in Spirit, those who mourn, meek, hungering and thirsting after righteousness sake, merciful, pure in heart, peacemakers, and those who are persecuted. That is who we are. There are few things that make this pretty cool.

First, this person is described as “blessed”. This is the person who has peace, joy, contentment, and is happy. That does not mean, that things will be easy, but when things are hard there is hope that gets us through. This person is satisfied. True happiness is found here.

Second, this person is described as those who inherit the kingdom of God, those who are comforted, who will inherit the earth, who are be satisfied, will receive mercy, will see God, and will be called children of God. Wow! This is also they who are blessed! What joy.  Remember our problem is not that we seek pleasure, but that we are to easily pleased. Seeking pleasure in God is ultimate!

Ok, let’s look at what some of these words mean, very briefly. Those who are poor in spirit are those who see their spiritual bankruptcy before God. They have nothing to offer Him. They then mourn over their own sin, the sin in the world, and their separation between God. Because of this they are meek or gentle. They do not assert themselves to further their own agendas. They think less about themselves and more about God and others. They are humble. They are also seeking to be more like Christ. It is what they what more than anything else. That is hungering and thirsting after righteousness. They show mercy to others, because of the mercy God showed to them.  They will seek to show compassion and kindness to others. The pure in heart are those who seek to follow God in all of their life, in all areas of life. They are peacemakers. They do not want to cause strife and want to be at peace with others. They tell the truth in love. It is promoting the peace of God. And finally it is those who are persecuted for being like Jesus.  

Those are the people who are blessed. Those are the characteristics of those who are blessed.

This is how we make a difference in life. By being who we are in Jesus. Wherever we find ourselves, we should be who we are. Are we blessed? Does this describe me? Is this what I want? To be like Christ? Every time we look at ourselves, let us look 10 times at Jesus.  

bob burk