The Holy War

Welp. It’s been some time since we have written one of these.  We are currently going through a series called ‘The Holy War’. It may be pretty shocking as we read Joshua because we read some things that we are not used to hearing all of the time. That is why we are looking at Joshua in its original context. But we are also looking at what it has to teach us.

In Joshua 1 we looked at how God is faithful in bringing about his plan as he commissions us. We are called to resemble this faithfulness. We looked at how we are Kings and Queens: of the living God, of the living Word, and united and strong. Here we talked about leadership and what this looks like as we gaze and live based on God’s message.  We then talked about what it means as our Youth Group and Church to live as a community that is united.

In Joshua 2 we looked at God’s faithfulness and the Fear of God. Here we looked at what happens when people are Big and God is small. We talked about what it means to fear God, how we should do that, and why we should.  Part of this means dealing with Anxiety. When we seek to understand and believe that God is all powerful this powers down our level of anxiety. After that we looked at the story of Rehab and talked about what it means to be rescued by grace. We could always trust in God when life hits hard.

In Joshua 3 we see the main theme of how the living God proves His faithfulness (not that He had to). We just looked at chapter 3:1-6. We some times we ask questions like, are we there yet, does God answer our prayers, when is this going to end, and why is this taking so long. But we see that we get the privilege of following God. What an honor. God does answer in His time. He is always there when we need him in times of trouble.

In Joshua we have been seeing God in His beauty.  What a joy it has been looking at how Jesus is the better Joshua and what a blessing it has been seeking to follow him more and more.

bob burk