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Job Type

Music and Worship Coordinator

Montrose, CO, USA




In Person

Job Type

Part Time

Application Information

Please return completed application, cover and resume to
First Presbyterian Church of Montrose
1840 E Niagara Rd
Montrose, CO 81401


To provide musical direction for Christ-centered worship and to disciple others in the preparation of that music. To coordinate the worship service logistics that will build upon the focus theme of the service.


  • Relationship with Jesus Christ

  • Heart for Worship

  • Musical Abilities: Passion, knowledge, and musicianship experience. Ability to envision and help create the musical flow and content of worship.

  • Understanding of (reformed) patterns of worship

  • Detail-oriented: strong organizational and administrative skills

  • Share in the vision, statement of faith, and philosophy of ministry of FPC Montrose

  • Team Player: ability to work closely with the pastor and others to plan around sermon themes, the order of worship, and other variables of the worship service.


  • Help recruit, develop, organize, and direct quality vocal and instrumental groups for worship.

  • Participate regularly in Sunday worship services and weekly music rehearsals as a key and/or lead member of each worship team.

  • Select a variety of songs that build on the worship focus, taking into consideration the abilities and preferences of the worship teams and the congregation.

  • Engage the music teams in a unified understanding of our worship philosophy.

  • Supervise worship teams and choir teams

  • Facilitate planning and compiling the order of worship as needed

  • Help to create liturgy and bulletin reflections as needed

  • Maintain and coordinate worship music team schedules and communicate necessary schedule changes and substitutions

  • Recruit and schedule non-music worship leaders for welcome and announcements, call to worship, confession/assurance of pardon, prayers, scripture, and other needs

  • Maintain and coordinate A/V tech schedules

  • Work with A/V tech team to optimize projection, audio, video, and lighting elements.

  • Work with church staff to optimize communication about church events and announcements, utilizing available platforms (bulletin, newsletters, Sunday announcements, website, and social media) and being aware of publication deadlines if applicable.

  • Maintain FPC Worship Info Sheet on shared Google Drive.

  • Prepare music folders as needed for singers and musicians using CCLI and music library resources.

  • Maintain music library

  • Help plan for extra services i.e., Lent, Christmas, Memorial Services, Other

  • Encourage and/or create special readings, drama, videos, and music as appropriate.

  • Arrange for substitute pianists/musicians/pulpit supply and submit compensation requests for such services.


  • Teamwork and communication with executive staff, office staff, support staff, volunteers, and congregation.

  • Participate in weekly staff meetings.

  • Active member of the Worship Committee.

  • Accountable to Lead Pastor as direct supervisor.

  • Evaluations conducted by the Personnel Committee.

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