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February Fun at the Sonshine Patch

During the month of February we have had many lessons and activities focusing on love! And what a fun and joyous topic for us all. Some specific points that our students at Sonshine Patch Preschool have been learning are how big, how special, and how important God's love is. We continued on with then learning how we can each love the Lord and those around us. This can be a hard thing for little minds to grasp, but as we look to 1 John 4:19, " We love because He first loved us," we find that God can help us with this practice. What a gift love is to be able to share with these children and their families!

Also, in February, we had a special literacy day called Camp Readmore. Several families signed up to host reading and book stations for groups of kiddos to rotate through. These stations were set up in tents and displayed a variety of themes and topics such as hockey, rhyming words, and author Eric Carle, among many others. We even had special guests from the Montrose Library come visit in the Bookmobile! Children were able to each check out a book for the classroom as we all came together to support and encourage a love of reading, books, and all things literacy.

As we look to March there are several things that we are preparing for and happy to share with you. We have just launched our Spring Fundraiser, Project Pi. March 14 (3/14) is a day that recognizes the mathematical number of pi, 3.1449265359.... and to "celebrate" this day, the children are selling raffle tickets for $3.14 each. Then, on Thursday the 14th, we will hold an assembly to draw three winners who will each receive a pie-themed gift. You might also note that the highest-selling child from each class will get to pie Ms. Daisy in the face!!! Oh boy! That just might almost be too much motivation for this fundraiser designed to support our scholarship fund. Everyone is welcome to join us as there is a sign-up for tickets in the church office as well as the school entryway. We are excited for this fun event to help support families in need.

Then, later in March, we will hold our annual Easter event, the Journey of Jesus, which is always a highlight in our year. Teachers and students alike continue to be actively engaged in all the many and special parts that make up our sweet school. And we want to always express our deep gratitude to our family at First Presbyterian for all of your support, love, and prayers.     

In His Name, Daisy Chell 


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