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Sonshine Patch Enrollment Up for January

January certainly seems to have brought the cold and snow this season and our playground has become a winter wonderland. The children have been bundled up as they play in and explore the icy outdoors. Inside, lessons and activities are centered around snow, snowflakes, and ice. As we begin the year, it's clear there is a calm and settled feeling in our halls and rooms. While all of the fall and end-of-the-year holidays are fun and special, filled with exciting activities, we recognized that much progress and learning takes place during this time. Teachers and students alike are comfortable and relaxed as a steady and peaceful pace is in place.

Thinking ahead, we are glad to let you know about our Literacy Day planned for February. Each month we see several families meet together for our Parent Action Committee. This group works to help support different school events and fundraisers throughout the year, and I am so thankful for their participation and dedication.

Sonshine Patch Preschool is a truly blessed program. Every day we see the wondrous provisions that God gives us. There tends to be a slight increase in our numbers during the beginning of the year and I often meet with new families looking to start their children with us. A very common response from these visits is how nice and lovely the facility is. What a testament to the tender love and care that SPP receives from First Presbyterian Church. Just a quick walk down the halls and folks are ready to join this family! We continue to thank the Monday Morning Men and FPC members who make this place so great! I also see how God has brought together an incredible group of staff and teachers.

There are 13 ladies employed at Sonshine Patch, a historic, all-time high. And this team so sweetly works together and serves this school so well. I am honored to do life with such like-minded women who love the Lord and all the children here. They encourage me daily with their enthusiasm for teaching, their passion for learning, and their patience in all things. They are a rare and beautiful example of the Body of Christ. I praise God for how He additionally has brought SO MANY children through our doors! We currently have close to 70 students, again a historic, all-time high with this structure (daily attendance vs. 2 or 3 days a week sessions). What a gift and joyous opportunity we have to minister to such precious children.

My heart is so full as I pray that each one of our darling kiddos comes to know, love, and trust Jesus more every day. I thank Him for holding Sonshine Patch in His mighty hands, leading and guiding us each step of the way. I'm thankful as well for our family at FPC and all of your continued support. In all things, may we give Him all the glory, honor, and praise.

In His love, 

Daisy Chell                 


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