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Beer, Conversation, and God

Beer, conversation, and God. Bryan Berghoef, pastor, writer, and theologian, calls these three words the “perfect little trifecta.” Early in Pastor Berghoef’s ministerial career, he and his wife started a different kind of faith community that, at the outset, was open to listening and learning from one another. What grew from this intentional approach was a hunger for depth and diversity that led them to discover other ways to think about God, other ways to experience worship, and other historic traditions within the broad swath of Christianity. Eventually, this small but growing faith community began to dream and think outside the box and wondered if this approach to listening and learning would have appeal beyond their own footprint. They wanted to engage the diverse population around them and were excited about the possibilities. What eventually was launched was an informal gathering of people meeting at a pub on a regular basis. They figured out that the likelihood of people checking them out at their space was less likely than the potential of meeting people where they were already and enthusiastically gathering. They called this ministry Pub Theology. As it turns out, the Gospels are full of stories of Jesus meeting people on their “turf.” Jesus and the wedding at Cana. Jesus and the woman at the well. Jesus and the fishermen by the Sea of Galilee. Jesus and Zacchaeus.

I am pleased to announce that First Pres Montrose will launch its own Pub Theology, but we will call it Brewery Theology. We, too, want to engage the diverse and growing population that is unfolding in our community. We will meet every Thursday at 7 pm for eight consecutive weeks at Silver Basin Brewing (147 N. 1st Street). Our first meeting is Thursday, July 11th, and our last meeting will be Thursday, August 29th. The format could not be more simple: beer, conversation, and God. We want to be among the people of our community engaged in open and honest conversations about all the really important matters of life. We want to “set the table” in a way that values listening, invites a variety of perspectives, and is non-judgmental.

So, I invite you to bring a friend, bring your questions, and pull up a chair. There is nothing to prepare. Be open and ready to have fascinating conversations with people from a variety of faiths and religious beliefs, life journeys, and philosophical viewpoints. My hope is that our conversations will be rich, interesting, and also a learning experience. My deep hope is that we will meet new friends along the way.

Intrigued? Join us, but do bring a friend. Questions? Please contact me at

Warmly in Christ,




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